Movie Review: 30 Days of Night

30 Days Of Night is one of the more gory but very interesting plot lines for vampire movies.
Barrow, Alaska is basically under darkness for thirty days at a time (compared to about sixty-seven days for real). Also, the movie basically has it set with no outside contact during this “night” time, even though obviously in reality they do have flights coming in and out.
The movie itself while has a bit too much blood and guts for my tastes, was actually a more unique plot and gave the vampires an ancient language that is subtitled. They’re a lot more like intelligent but animalistic creatures. The entirety of the movie is surrounding the fact that the vampires want the entire town taken for themselves and that the residents have nowhere to turn except to wait for the sun to come out again. And little by little the citizens of Barrow are picked off one by one.
Being that guns don’t work on the vampires, there is a lot of decapitation scenes of the vampires, and thus make it a lot more gory than it had to be. But it also follows the mini comic series pretty well and it actually was not a cheesy movie unlike many vampire movies these days.
Overall, it was worth the rental and definitely caught my attention throughout the entire film. From a horror perspective, it really didn’t grab me as much as a gore fest which to me is a different type of genre than horror. Otherwise, worth your time to at least see once.