LifeLock CEO gets ID thefted

Everyone’s seen this commercial. CEO of LifeLock, Todd Davis, places his social security number on the side of a truck. I always thought it was entirely silly since the three credit bureaus are the ones that actually track this information and no one can stop ID theft before it happens. Good pitch, but let’s live in the real world.
Well, it seems that the CEO himself got ID thefted. The fact of the matter is that LifeLock in itself is just an alert service that I can tell. That in itself doesn’t make it bad. In fact, I actually use one myself being that I make online purchases. But the part where they protect you directly from identity theft?
Sorry, but you can do everything you can to minimize risk, but risk is always there. It’s part of life. I believe that’s what a lot of people are not happy about being that the commercial seems to claim to be a protection service. Guess everything has to be defined, eh?
Unfortunately, while I don’t use their product, I think that LifeLock is getting the short end of the stick also being that customers need to do the homework and understand what services they’re signing on. It’s like buying pet insurance when you don’t own a pet.