Google Browser Sync isn’t quite there yet

I love Google Browser Sync. In fact, I run this for every Firefox instance on any system that I own. There’s just something about using your Gmail to store the current pages/tabs that you’re reading and the ability to restore when the browser crashes that makes it one of those absolutely needed plugins. It also stores all of your history and bookmarks, browser passwords, and persistent cookies. Basically everything.
But there are a few things that drive me nuts still. One is that you can’t initiate a manual sync. There’s no way to actually just tell it to sync up to Google so that you know that there is a copy. There was a number of times where the automated sync didn’t kick in and I had to restore an older copy. Bleh.
But that’s not all. It’d also be nice to store different versions of backup. There also has been a number of times where Firefox crashed on restoring the pages. Well, since Browser Sync decided to kick in and sync up the “non-opened” pages, basically lost the tabs.
This plugin just has a little ways to go to be fully mature but it’s just a smidgeon off. Until then, I’ll just keep using it and getting annoyed I suppose. Probably nothing stopping me from tearing up Google’s extension and making it better, but you’d think that they’d take the initiative. Ah well. Can’t have everything your way, I suppose. It’s not like Google is Burger King.