Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

I gotta say. This is a blast from the past. Definitely. When it comes to vampire hunter side scrollers, Castlevania has always taken the cake.
This particular version is a port of Castlevanie: Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of Night but done up in a better graphics and the original soundtrack for Rondo of Blood was rearranged and remastered.
Interesting tidbit of trivia. What’s interesting is that the reason why the US never saw Rondo of Blood? The original version was released for PC Engine. Those in the United States would have known this console as Turbografx16. In fact, there have been many series that have debuted on this including Ys, but I digress.
Outside of the usual game play, it definitely is a blast of nostalgia on a smaller screen. Due to the resolution, it looks fabulous and will suck you right into the Castlevania world if you’ve never played it before. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles definitely goes on the books as one of those collector’s items that you must have when it comes to PSP games.