Travel tip: Pack with clothes that you can roll

Been on a business trip the past week, and often people are amazed ath what a small bag I carry. I actually bring a week’s worth of clothing in a small duffel that can slide in length wise into the overhead compartment in a 737. That and a laptop and that’s it.
Secret? Carry-on is only worthwhile if you can fit it in any sort of plane. Including those super small jets. And believe me. When you travel a lot, it’s worthwhile not to stand around waiting for thirty minutes waiting for that suitcase when there are better things to do.
So pack clothes that are wrinkle-resistant and those that you can roll up. Usually I can run at least a week’s worth in these small duffels. Slacks that have the stain resistance (teflon, so thus wrinkle-free), jeans, and pullovers. Believe me. That Atlanta connection flight where your luggage didn’t make it? You won’t be checking in the baggage after that after it happens a few times.
Photo Credit: (wehardy)