Tip to monetizing your blog: Clean design

Let’s be honest now. Everyone one that writes in a blog, would love to make a little money on the side. But you won’t be a Robert Scoble or a Jeff Jarvis unless you’re special somehow just as most actors and actresses aren’t Hollywood movie stars.
But having learned many things about the trends of blogging before I delved into actually making a little bit of fun money from one of my good friends, I can say that there are many things that are worthwhile to selling your blog.
One of the biggest sellers? A clean design.
You won’t believe the amount of difference a readable and clean design makes in uniques and page views. In fact, when I shifted the design of LUX to the current, I saw the current stats shoot up almost twice the uniques. This is because the easier it is on the eyes, then the longer the user is staying, the more likely they might turnover into a regular reader.
Remember. Clean design will do you wonders.
Photo Credit: (melop)