Skype Pro takes a shift towards pleasing subscribers

The Skype Pro subscription plans have taken a turn for the better.
Now, not only can you call 34 countries at a flat rate with no hidden fees, the fair use calling per month is now at 10,000 minutes. 10,000 minutes?!?! That’s insanity. In a good way.
That’s five hours a day, every day for four weeks straight. And believe me, when I say that even people that I’ve known to talk a whole lot on the phone, have never been close to that limit. I suppose if you run sales calls all day long, you MIGHT… but that’s a pretty big “if”.
In any case, it’s still costing $2.95 a month for US/Canada. And you get a number cheaper coming in. All in all, it’s looking even better as a business alternative as long as you don’t need dial-tones for whatever reason. For me? They’ve sold it for me. I might be getting some more numbers for my other businesses.