Republicans want more H1B visas now but didn’t they cut it before?

Haven’t had time to talk about this, but it is something that really annoys me.
It seems that the House Republicans are now going to Speaker of the House and Majority Leader, and asking for an increase in H1B Visas. H1B’s are the visas pertaining to well-educated immigrants in letting them work within the United States under a corporation’s wing. In fact, you really can’t get an H1B without an employer’s sponsorship and it costs the employer a chunk of change to actually fulfill the paperwork.
So all in all, that’s a good thing, right? Definitely. But the spin is what I have an issue with. Let’s not forget that the decrease of H1Bs before was pushed by the administration and like parties while they were pushing for the migrant worker license. The limit for 2007 was set before Congress swung its slim majority to the Democrat Party.
Seriously. Of all the things in the world, H1Bs can only help so why would you decrease these visas in the first place? Well educated individuals from other countries legally want to come work in US soil, pay taxes, and help drive economics. Corporations want to pay for them to come here. Sounds pretty good to me.
Photo Credit: (kaneda99)