Project Dakota

Sometimes, you have a gaggle of computers that you have to update. Yes, you read that right. Gaggle.
And we all know that updating Windows updates just makes you want to “gack”. Oh yeah. I said “gack”. But that’s okay. Project Dakota is here to help you out with that hair ball of trouble. Not only is it an update iso with all of the latest updates (from when you downloaded that iso image) but it also includes freeware or open source software that could stand to be useful. For example, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Firefox are just two of the pre-packaged goodies for you to install on these workstations.
On top of that, besides the first few questions you have to set up, it’s pretty much a no hassle installation and does everything in the background. That makes updating for the typical system administrator a lot less stressful. So rejoice. Someone is actually looking out for your well-being, and it’s not coming from Redmond.