Music Review: Silver Ash – Organum

Silver Ash is China’s first visual kei band. Influenced by such bands as Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, and X-Japan which were all amazing visual kei bands. A lot of the music itself is more glam rock or goth rock from what I can tell especially the very early songs.
Out of Beijing, China, they’ve had a lot of issues with the government probably due to their style of music. Banned by Beijing, they have driven much of their music through the teenage underground and have even established a MySpace site since their official site seems to be down.
Organum itself is one of the earliest albums that they released. Hit song, Lunar Eclipse which is what actually drew me to them. Funny story. I actually wandered onto their music searching for terms that were related to the word “eclipse” and “Japanese”. On Google.
Yeah, and I found great music. Isn’t the Internet wonderful? In any case, I found out that even Silver Ash - Organum carried it and I immediately got a hold of it.
If you’re interested in some new crock, this definitely is worth taking a look at. The song got stuck in my head long enough to make me want to own it.