Movie Review: Skinwalkers

The word skinwalker actually shows up in both Native American and Norse legends. While in some cultures, it’s a shapeshifter that can choose whatever animal to become, many are actual referring to lycanthropes or “werewolves”.
Skinwalkers actually had a sort of a decent plot. Maybe not the best ever, but it was actually pretty unique. I found the gun battles disturbing since you had the big bad guy standing in the middle of the road point to the sides and shooting while not one of the good guys landed a shot on him. No cover or anything, no supernatural speed shifting to dodge the bullets. Sort of ridiculous if you ask me.
The other thing that bugged me was that for the first twenty minutes probably, you never knew they were werewolves except for the fact that they “said so”. Maybe longer. No one turned, and it was pretty much just norm, human on human interaction. Nothing wrong with that, but you’d think that there was some turning.
Later on in the movie, there is… but the werewolf costumes looked a little cheesy for my tastes. What’s interesting also that I noted was that they used a little bit of wiring for the werewolf battles but all in all, it was shot on the ground. Could have been better done for action sequences.
If I was flipping through the channels and ran across this movie on SciFi or something, I probably would watch it if there was nothing else on. It wasn’t the best, nor the worst, but it just seemed like there was just a little bit missing there to make it a great film.