Movie Review: I am Legend

It’s funny how post-apocalyptical films are so popular. I Am Legend is no different although I must say that Will Smith doesn’t really pick bad roles much (except for probably Wild Wild West back in the day).
This movie in itself was spectacular. Based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 classic, I am Legend, it speaks of a lethal virus that was genetically engineered to become the cure for cancer that instead, mutates and wipes out humanity. Colonel Robert Neville was based at ground zero and spends three years trying to find a cure. What didn’t wipe out humanity turned the remainder of the population into primitive creatures that were superbly aggressive, but confined to the darkness due to their reaction to ultraviolet light.
This movie was spectacular, although I’m not sure why the original ending was changed. It was supposedly controversial, but it didn’t really dawn on me where and why. Overall, this movie was definitely one of those really great films that you would have wanted to see in a nice theater, or if you have a great home entertainment system. Very dramatic, but the performance is amazing and worth every penny if you purchase this.