Movie Review: Hitman

Hitman (Unrated Edition) was a great movie. The music was peppy, and the entire movie was very action packed.
There is some nudity and sexual (and other mature) content so be wary if you’re looking to rent or buy this and watch it with your child even though I know that the game itself was mature rated to begin with. Hey, have to disclaimer since some people do actually take their children to these movies.
Agent 47 (Olyphant) was amazing in the role and the only thing that I probably would have changed would have been having had a bit more tall and lanky body build since the assassins in the games were very much so. Also, the games themselves were very much more about stealth kills whereas the movie was more about total gun play action.
Critics didn’t like this movie, but for an action fan, I thought it moved quickly and never paused until the end. That in itself, made it very much worthwhile.