Movie Review: D-War: Dragon Wars

Very torn. This movie was way better than any usual science fiction or fantasy movie you would see with a million or two million dollar budget on the SciFi channel. The CG was incredible.
But truthfully, that was the entire movie. It was all about how great the CG was and there were parts of the film where I sat there wondering if they were just showing off how great the CG team was instead of working on the script. It was slightly cheesy with the main character since he was wearing this enormous necklace that supposedly gave him protection but it just looked sort of dorky.
On top of all of this, the movie promoted underaged drinking. The girl in the movie is supposed to be turning twenty, but yet she’s in a bar in one scene, having a beer. Nice job for not catching a plain error in age and promotion of underaged drinking. Go figure that pretty girls do get into bars, eh?
Overall, I wasn’t that disappointed mainly because I thought the trailers were cheesy to begin with but it was worth a shot, just like when I gave Dragonlance a shot. Just because it was somewhat of a Korean legend made it a big hit in Korea but I’m not sold on this. Dragon Wars – D-War was okay, but unless you’re really looking to collect great CG movies (and I can think of a couple other great ones that have good scripts and plots), I wouldn’t recommend this movie.