Midwest quake? What’s the big deal?

Quake? All over the news? Are you serious?
I was actually up this morning at 4:30ish during the quake that hit the Illinois/Indiana border. Yes, I was in the Chicagoland area. And I thought… “big deal, a quake.”
But apparently it was. At least, a whole bunch of people were emailing Robin Mead this morning on CNN and she kept talking about how people felt it far and wide. They were still talking about it when I got to O’Hare between 5 and 7. Must have been a slow news day to at that time.
Maybe it’s just growing up on the west coast, but quakes really aren’t a big deal. It shakes, and usually sounds like a train is rolling past. If you’re in a tall building, then you’ll actually feel it a lot more since top floors sway some. Otherwise, it’s like someone jumping up and down really hard in a room and you want to yell at them to stop.
In any case? Seriously. It’s just an earthquake.
Photo Credit: (Sean Claudio Mancillas)