iReboot.png What’s neat about iReboot is the fact that you can set it up to reboot from your system tray in WIndows, into another operating system. Quietly it does so, allowing you the comforts of many types of OS love without having to deal with nastiness.
Well, apparently the previous version was limited by UAC (user access control). If your system administrator had this turned on, then regardless of if you installed this, it would not have worked (think network admins vs. local admins – you). Many corporate arenas are set up this way, especially for telecommuters. Well, that’s not a big deal. You know why?
NeoSmart found a way around the UAC limitations. It’s actually kind of a pain, since it runs as a service and a client, but it gets around it and works regardless of if UAC is running. Works for both Windows XP and Vista.