Financial tip: switch to reward based credit cards

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These days, it’s too easy to get a credit card. In fact, not many people pay with checks anymore. Why bother when you can carry plastic and have the benefit of some backup in financial security?
But the one thing that people fail to realize is that there really isn’t a need to carry a credit card for just “sake of credit” any more. In fact, you should switch all your cards to reward cards if you haven’t already. Why?
Well, let’s just say that they pay off better. If you keep on top of your personal finances, then the only bad thing about reward cards is…. there isn’t one. You get free stuff, or money back. How can that be bad? So if you still have one one lone card that is sitting in your wallet not gaining anything but dust, get rid of it or replace it. There’s no reason for you to have it if you can’t gain more than just the benefits of having a credit card.