Cyberduck to bring FXP access

cyberduck.icon.png Cyberduck is one of my favorite ftp clients. Runs on MacOSX, and it’s open source. There’s actually nothing bad to say about this ftp client at all….. except for the fact that it doesn’t support fxp.
Truthfully, there aren’t many ftp clients that even do support fxp. What is fxp? Fxp is another look at how ftp actually works. Basically, there are two connections that happen on ftp. A control connection and a data connection. Usually when you set up a ftp, the control and data comes from your client to the server. But if you’re trying to transfer from one server to another, then you’re basically hosed for speed because you’re bottlenecked at your tiny bandwidth. But FXP allows you to connect the control points to you, but data points from server-to-server. This makes it extremely more efficient and really useful.
The great thing is that Cyberduck does have this in the pipeline. The bad thing is that fxp has been assigned since 2005 and shifted from version 2.6 all the way to 3.1 (currently we’re on 3.0 beta).
When Cyberduck does finally get fxp in though? This will definitely complete pretty much all functionality that a macosx ftp client should have.