Annoying print PDF bug in Google Docs

logo_docs.gif Obviously, Google Docs is still in beta.
And obviously, while it works extremely well, there are a few caveats to know about. I was editing a document in Google Docs under Google Apps for my nonprofit, when I ran across this issue. And boy can it be recreated easily.
Basically, there are instances where regardless of how you save your document, if you have a predetermined font already being used, then the formatting automatically uses that font style. This only is shown on the pdf, so the actual document would show the correct changes, but not show you why it was printing funny (for instance in the default size, no matter what you set the size to in the settings).
Unfortunately, there’s actually no possible way to actually see this error, unless you save the document as an odf (OpenOffice) and use OO to look at it. When this happened, I realized that there were a number of tabs that the web-based document editor didn’t show, and they were all Sans Serif instead of Courier New, as I had told it do so.
This bug in itself, will cause some major headaches for printing even if you export to pdf. Definitely something to look out for. Otherwise? I love the fact that Google Docs is there and that it’s helped myself and my nonprofit out in a number of times as a free total package. Definitely useful, but that particular bug makes it sort of annoying.