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Motorola Cable Booster

Motorola Cable Signal Booster for TV / Cable Modem / Digital Radio
One of the biggest issues that we ran into when we got an HDTV was that the signal coming in was weak. This was due to a frayed cable end outside at the box, but we never noticed on the SDTV since SDTV isn’t as effected by poor signal and isn’t as temperament.
However, for some, upgrading to HDTVs requires a boost in their signal to get all the content to the right place. It seems that lower channels are a good indication of if your signal is making it if you get snow on them or have some issues with it. This is obviously if you don’t know how to pull up your maintenance screen on your cable box to look at the actual signal strength.
In any case, this product is worth your money if you’re in dire need of a signal boost. I recommend getting one if you’re HDTV buff and there’s no other way to get around getting a better picture due to how it was wired or what not. The Motorola Cable Signal Booster is definitely worthwhile. Just remember, though. Amplifiers do raise your noise floor. So don’t get them until you’re sure that there’s no other way to get around the issue including better wiring from wall to TV and so on.

Tip to monetizing your blog: Clean design

Let’s be honest now. Everyone one that writes in a blog, would love to make a little money on the side. But you won’t be a Robert Scoble or a Jeff Jarvis unless you’re special somehow just as most actors and actresses aren’t Hollywood movie stars.
But having learned many things about the trends of blogging before I delved into actually making a little bit of fun money from one of my good friends, I can say that there are many things that are worthwhile to selling your blog.
One of the biggest sellers? A clean design.
You won’t believe the amount of difference a readable and clean design makes in uniques and page views. In fact, when I shifted the design of LUX to the current, I saw the current stats shoot up almost twice the uniques. This is because the easier it is on the eyes, then the longer the user is staying, the more likely they might turnover into a regular reader.
Remember. Clean design will do you wonders.
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Britain’s Got Talent goes Thriller

Ahh. You think that it’s just another Michael Jackson thing. King of Pop. Oh ho, but it’s not. But just watch it, since you’ll crack a huge smile when you get to the part…. where…. ahh… shucks. Just watch the bloody thing. This is one of the reasons I actually really like Britain’s Got Talent over American Idol.

WordPress Plugin: XCache

wordpress.jpg One of the missing things still is missing from the main source of WordPress is your typical caching system.
What’s interesting is that this “problem” has been around for ages. Documented from way back in 1.0 somewhere. That’s why plugins like wp-cache or in this case, XCache, exist. The problem with running a WordPress blog without caching is that you run the risk of running some extremely high CPU loads, even with hardly any traffic. That’s not exactly what I call optimized. Don’t believe me? Take it the word from a trusted source along with graphs and all.
Believe me. If you run a WP blog on a host somewhere, your host will thank you for not killing the cpus. Either that or your website will just run really really slow since there might be more than one WP blog on there without caching. Eww.

Bad designs of escape ladders

Have you ever noticed the poor design of portable escape ladders? This realization came to me while I was watching Women of Ninja Warrior where the last part of the First Stage was an escape ladder that they had to climb up.
Think about it. To compensate for space and storage, they make it with strong nylon rope down the side. Not a bad idea. But, the biggest flaw in the design is based on the fact that in an escape situation the goal is to get down as quickly as possible. But seeing how difficult it was to climb up, there’s no doubt that climbing down in a stable fashion is just as bad.
The issue really lies in the center of gravity. We’re all more likely to step to the sides of a ladder, than the middle. This is why they developed the triangular shaped escape ladders. But even those are not as quick and friendly as you’d think. Again, due to the movable joints. At each joint, since it sways, it makes it difficult move quickly down. In fact, you’d probably be better off rappelling if you knew how and could.
In any case, depending on the style of escape ladder, there definitely is some improvement areas that could be worked upon. The goal here is how to not sacrifice stability for storage. The rigid ladders are always the easiest and best for quick movement but they also seem to be an eyesore in suburban areas. It might not be soon, but one of these days we’ll begin to see some fresh new designs.
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EasyBCD.png NeoSmart writes some pretty fancy pants stuff. One of them is the award winning EasyBCD.
Basically? EasyBCD is an easy way to configure your Windows Vista bootloader, so that you can set up partitions of other operating systems, without the knowledge of how to configure the Vista bootloader itself.
It’s really easy to use, and no knowledge is really needed ot actually delve into the fiery pits of operating system love. Assuming that you’d like to dabble a bit.


iReboot.png What’s neat about iReboot is the fact that you can set it up to reboot from your system tray in WIndows, into another operating system. Quietly it does so, allowing you the comforts of many types of OS love without having to deal with nastiness.
Well, apparently the previous version was limited by UAC (user access control). If your system administrator had this turned on, then regardless of if you installed this, it would not have worked (think network admins vs. local admins – you). Many corporate arenas are set up this way, especially for telecommuters. Well, that’s not a big deal. You know why?
NeoSmart found a way around the UAC limitations. It’s actually kind of a pain, since it runs as a service and a client, but it gets around it and works regardless of if UAC is running. Works for both Windows XP and Vista.

iTunes Saturday

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

Project Dakota

Sometimes, you have a gaggle of computers that you have to update. Yes, you read that right. Gaggle.
And we all know that updating Windows updates just makes you want to “gack”. Oh yeah. I said “gack”. But that’s okay. Project Dakota is here to help you out with that hair ball of trouble. Not only is it an update iso with all of the latest updates (from when you downloaded that iso image) but it also includes freeware or open source software that could stand to be useful. For example, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Firefox are just two of the pre-packaged goodies for you to install on these workstations.
On top of that, besides the first few questions you have to set up, it’s pretty much a no hassle installation and does everything in the background. That makes updating for the typical system administrator a lot less stressful. So rejoice. Someone is actually looking out for your well-being, and it’s not coming from Redmond.

Movie Review: I am Legend

It’s funny how post-apocalyptical films are so popular. I Am Legend is no different although I must say that Will Smith doesn’t really pick bad roles much (except for probably Wild Wild West back in the day).
This movie in itself was spectacular. Based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 classic, I am Legend, it speaks of a lethal virus that was genetically engineered to become the cure for cancer that instead, mutates and wipes out humanity. Colonel Robert Neville was based at ground zero and spends three years trying to find a cure. What didn’t wipe out humanity turned the remainder of the population into primitive creatures that were superbly aggressive, but confined to the darkness due to their reaction to ultraviolet light.
This movie was spectacular, although I’m not sure why the original ending was changed. It was supposedly controversial, but it didn’t really dawn on me where and why. Overall, this movie was definitely one of those really great films that you would have wanted to see in a nice theater, or if you have a great home entertainment system. Very dramatic, but the performance is amazing and worth every penny if you purchase this.