What health insurers don’t want you to know

I pretty much no nothing about the insurance business. I leave that to a buddy of mine, whom does it in his offline business. And even there, he doesn’t play in the health realm of things.
So when I ran across this bit by Health magazine, I was pretty floored on some of the things that I didn’t know. Definitely read the article since it goes into more details but here’s one of the ones that really drove it home for me.
Did you know that if your doctor (under your network plan) happens to do surgery on you, then he/she would work with an anesthesiologist. Say on the offhand that this anesthesiologist happens to be outside your network. The insurance company would bill you for using an out-of-coverage doctor and most people would just pay. But apparently not so! If you don’t have a say in it, then you’re not liable according to the article.
There are steps that you would have to take to achieve this and it’s not exactly one of those one phone call away type things. But it could save you some money, which is the brilliance of it all.
There’s a reason insurance is one of the largest industries out there and one of the most profitable. But tips like these help bring a little bit of what you might of paid to them for not knowing, back into your coffers. I would also assume that if you had a good insurance agent, that they would look after you in this fashion and keep you informed on these things.
In the end… who doesn’t like saving a little bit of money.
Photo Credit: (Nemo’s great uncle)