The need to get rid of the umms

I did my first interview in a long time yesterday on behalf of 8Asians. And boy did it stink. I mean, not the interview persay because the interviewee was extremely gracious and wonderfully nice and in fact the conversation itself was actually very comfortable…. but from a professionalism perspective, it was all me. ME! ARGH.
The sad part about it is that I learned how to get rid of the “umms” long ago, but since I haven’t been in this type of situation for over ten years, I haven’t had a need to feel nervous behind the mic. I’ll definitely be posting both the edited and raw of the interview, of which is more a conversation than interview.
Much like when you get nervous standing in front of a large crowd or audience, and the spotlight is in your face and everyone is looking at you…. that sort of nervousness is controllable but it does take practice. They teach you this in verbal communications and I should have remembered these small but significant pointers:

  • If you want to say an “umm” to fill the silence, just pause.

  • If you’re doing an interview, just listen quietly until the person(s) has finished speaking

Hopefully, with some more interviews/conversations under the belt, I’ll be able to do live sessions a bit better. I have to say that I’m not Denise Franklin and in listening to her on the drive back, I noted a few pointers that I have to keep in mind. Might never be on the professional level like her but you have to strive to attain levels of professionalism like that.
All in all? I was really ecstatic with how it turned out, but disappointed in myself since it could have been more professionally done. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some more of this in the future. I have to admit, live things are way more difficult than recorded takes where you can edit and re-take.
Photo Credit: (Magic Photography)