The laziness of tweet posts

Maybe it’s just me.
But a couple blogs I follow happen to have installed the Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress.
Now first on the tool. I see the point, and Alex King writes some incredible stuff. In fact, if you’re using a Twitter purely from a marketing standpoint, I could definitely see the merging between Twitter and a blog. This is something that is a great use of Twitter Tools.
Unfortunately, the things that I’ve been reading have been tweets that basically bolster posts. It’s almost as if people don’t have enough time to write a post, so they throw together every single tweet they did this week as a overview post. Pretty uneventful, pretty useless, and it’s a plain waste of my time to read.
This differs slightly from overview posts that some blogs manage over a week since they crank out over hundreds of posts and show the most popular. In that sense, I could see why people would want to rehash. Not really my cup of tea, but I can see the perspective. But tweets wise, I really don’t care to read what’s on your mind on Monday, when it’s Friday. In fact, there’s really not too many reasons to even bother with these automated postings.
Point of all this? Twitter is a archived pseudo real-time tool. It’s background noise that you can bring to the forefront like irc when you want it to do so. Let’s just keep it that way.