Settling your schedules with Google Calendar

calendar_sm2_en.gif I’ve recently been playing with Google Calendar after noticing that any time someone sent me an email with a possible date and time with a location, the right side of the screen would have a “Add to Calendar” link. When I noticed that, I was like…. hey wait a second.
Being that my nonprofit organization runs off Google Apps, I started to schedule everything in the nonprofit’s calendar and realized I could do the same with my regular personal account. Then I figured that I’d manage all my items on one single calendar so I shared my nonprofit’s calendar with my personal account and … lo and behold, I had a synchronized schedule book.
calendar_89955a_en.gif.png This was really cool, but wasn’t the end-all-be-all. The last of it was to see if it could handle my day job calendar that was in a corporate Outlook setting. It seems that Google provides a small external application called Google Calendar Sync. I could almost cry that I almost had everything in order. But would it work?
It seemed like a fairytale, that everything was too good to be true. And then the mirror shattered. Sorta. Outlook didn’t sync up. Not exactly anyways. In fact, it would only sync only if you created the calendar items in Outlook (not the ones that you’re invited on) especially if your corporate has multiple email aliases. What’s worse is that if you change your primary calendar name, then it refuses to sync together even though the Google Calendar Sync shows up as working. There’s no way to get this to work, and apparently many of the Help group for Google Calendar also ran across the similar issues with enterprise level Outlook accounts. If you export the calendar and import it into Google Calendar, it seems to sync up then which is a strange bug.
It definitely is worthwhile to me if I can consolidate all of my notes and schedules under one house. I believe many others feel the same, considering the request for this to be fixed ASAP in the Help Group. But outside of that, Google Calendar seems to be going down a great path if they can address the issues at hand.
As of now, Google has in effect let me put my entire schedule for multiple businesses and everything else on one single calendar. There’s nothing like feeling organized again.