No reflectors in roads still make for dangerous driving

I seem to talk about this almost every year, and every year I do, there’s hardly a response. In fact, when I had brought it up with my city councilwoman before… the city had responded that it’s too costly and apparently when it “snows” the plows rip them off the road. So if we really needed it, then we should make a request.
Unfortunately, the reflective paint that they use in its place is practically useless in lit streets such as Wendover. If you drive down Wendover, every single light reflects the entire wet road and there really isn’t a distinction on where the lines are. Will anyone do anything about this? Probably not.
In fact, my assumption is that nothing will be done until something tragic happens. And that’s unfortunate. It’s very similar to situations involving railroad crossings where many areas where there is a railroad arm that comes down was a place that someone had some sort of accident involving a locomotive.
I’m a firm believer in being proactive instead of reactive. It’s easy enough to do the latter, but sometimes the consequences could be … well in this case, fatal. Since the requests have pretty much fallen on deaf ears, the only suggestion I can offer is for people to drive very slowly and carefully when the roads are wet.
In case you think that anywhere else in North Carolina is any better? It isn’t. In cutting costs, any road that used to have reflectors but is getting repaved, gets the reflective paint. There are only a few places that actually put the reflectors back and those areas are few and far between.
Photo Credit: (Mr. Wright)