Movie Review: The Kingdom

Dealing with not only the war on terror, but the whole issue of Islamic terrorists and extreme religious factions, The Kingdom is not only action packed but very disturbing. The movie itself follows an attack on a softball field within an American expatriate compound in Saudi Arabia.
FBI Agents (Foxx, Garner, Cooper, Batesman) are sent in to investigate the blast in an area where the culture clashes incredibly with the way Americans operate day-to-day. In fact, this movie drives home many differences between the Islamic world and how working together can actually help solve many of the issues that result from crazy people.
I have to say that I love the part played by Ashraf Barhom, as Colonel Faris Al-Ghazi of the Saudi State Police. He reported directly to the Prince, but he was also the one that took hold when SA. Fleury (Foxx) extended out to try to make things work to find the bombers behind the attacks on American civilians.
This movie was extremely dramatic and action packed. As always, Foxx outdoes himself with his performance and I actually loved it from beginning to end even though film critics gave it a mixed review. I would definite recommend at least renting The Kingdom (Widescreen Edition), if not picking up a copy if you’re into dramatic cultural and violence in more of a military format.