Movie Review: The Condemned

Somehow a bit morbid, a producer of an Internet production has created a reality show where ten condemned criminals that were on death row are to fight it out on a tiny island outfitted with cameras and microphones. The last man or woman standing will get to live after thirty hours, or else they all die.
So pitting insane criminals against crazy lunatics, Jack Conrad (Austin) is placed on this island to take on some brow-beating hardened killers. Little do the folks watching for the Internet and the others know…. Conrad has a little something up his sleeve.
And what’s funny about it is that I didn’t expect much of anything for this movie at all. Mainly because outside of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, there hasn’t been many WWE stars that have made it onto the big screen in a great way. But I was pleasantly surprised in this film.
Don’t get me wrong. The Condemned (Widescreen Edition) is probably only a B-rated film in my book. It was good, but the acting wasn’t spectacular. But it was action packed at every turn and with that, it kept your eyeballs glued to the screen. In that sense, it did what it was to do, which was entertain me with a lot of guns, fights, and explosions.
Personally, I would probably rank this a little above say…. Mortal Kombat on a Sunday afternoon. Not a bad film, but I was right to rent instead of go to the theater for it.