Movie Review: Futurama – Bender’s Big Score

In the first of four films that are straight to DVD, this Futurama episodic film was pretty much… well… one giant episode.
It was in the typical Futurama taste, so if you never cared for that type of stuff, then don’t even bother with the film. But you’ve loved it in the past, then this film is definitely for you. This basically ties current day love interests between Fry and Leela and explains some things that have happened in the past and why they have happened. Interestingly enough, it actually goes through many of the historical scenes for Futurama since it’s based on time travel while making the antagonists, a bunch of spammers that are out to take over the world.
Amusing as always, it takes a poke at Fox Network that canceled the series couple of years ago (called Box Network in the film) and having the Planet Express crew back in action due to the fact that those executives were “fired”. On top of that, there’s the reference to Torgo’s Executive Powder which is a swipe at the mishandling of the series itself by Fox Network.
A really fun note here is that if you didn’t know this already, Mark Hamill (yes, Luke to the rest of the world) does actually do a lot of voice acting work and happens to be in this film too.
If you’re looking for a good laugh and you like Matt Groening’s work, then take a peek at Futurama – Bender’s Big Score.