Misconceptions on Wifi hazards

Excuse me while I laugh quietly.
In reading about “Hazards of Wifi” I almost cried. Don’t get me wrong. EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) probably exists. At least I know that if I stand in front of a 19db dish pumping out over 1 watt of WiFi, even I would get a headache. Obviously Part 15 doesn’t allow such power behind it so, that’s probably not the issue.
My silent laughter has to do with the ill education of RF in general and how Part 15 works. The Sebastopol petition has those that claim to be effected by WiFi and that the constant barrage of waves make them ill to the point that they can’t visit anywhere with wifi. I hate to break it to you, but on a power scale, your cell phone pumps out way more power than any WiFi ever could. What’s more is that if you’re effected by Part 15 wave patterns, then you probably also have issues with not only pretty much all general electronics which irradiate under Part 15, but you also couldn’t possibly be using a microwave.
Forget consumer band 2-way radios. Part-15. Maybe you have the silver or gold flecks that block certain wavelengths from entering a house like a Faraday cage. But I’ve found that most people that actually claim to get sick from certain Part 15 are picking and choosing what RF they are associating with even though it’s all around us.
Hate to break the news, but cellular phone calls are going on all the time and you’re immersed in a large cellular wave 24×7 if you have coverage. Similarly, there’s UHF, VHF, radio bands, and pretty much everything mentioned above and a few that I didn’t even go into since there’s no need.
Having worked in celullar infrastructure for the past nine years, I can tell you that most people run petitions against wireless technologies without doing much homework. Again, it has nothing to do with EHS. In fact, I believe that EHS is probably real and have done some research into EMF readings. But when you just think about how relative power in relation to the body is, you’d realize that a mobile next to your head is actually irradiating you way more at a single point than having the same amount of power irradiating your whole body.
Still don’t get it? Think of wave power as a weight and the point of contact as a needle. If the weight sits on a single needle, the likelihood that the needle would puncture someone is great because there is little surface area. But if you distribute that weight acros multiple points of contact, then the over all surface area has increased and thus lessening the weight at the points of contact. Same with RF.
Regardless, the smell of fear is in the air. Don’t tell those people yet, but computers actually generate some pretty nasty EMF fields due to the power supply and spinning disks and what not.
Photo Credit: (Travelin’ Librarian)