hoekey.png Sometimes, you just need a small memory footprint application that lets you set pretty much any sort of hotkey combination you want.
HoeKey basically does just that. It comes with an .ini file so that you can configure the application however you wish, and the way it’s built, you can probably run this off a USB thumb drive without any issues. Also, obviously, it’s freeware for WIndows.
Would I use this? Well, probably if I was going to use a lot of Windows applications and open a lot of things since I’m more of a keyboard cowboy than a mouse nut. But it really gets down to what sort of Windows user you are and how you like to make your life easier. If hotkeys are your thing, then this will do splendidly. If not, then this application install will just take up more time and space than you should give it.
Either way? It makes not difference since I don’t really use Windows clients for large scale use anymore.