Going with the flOw

flOw.png This game started out as a Flash game but has gone from that to the PSP. You’re basically control an underwater organism where you can evolve the organism and in a world where the bigger fishy eats the little fishy.
The environment is very soothing and the entire game is an endless wonderland where you get sucked into the depths. On top of that, you can actually participate in adhoc games where you can take on your friends. It’s about ninety megs for the download and only costs $7.99USD from the Playstation Store so what are you waiting for?
All in all? I’m very happy that Sony is pushing these types of downloadable games. They’re fun, exciting, and they’re worth getting just to have a little something to pass the time with when you don’t feel like running your battery down with an UMD. Hope to see more of this unique type of downloadable games in the future.