Bravo to WordPress 2.5

wordpress.jpg So far? I’m thoroughly impressed.
WordPress 2.5 just released and I’ve upgraded one of my blogs with it and the interface is MUCH cleaner. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that I had stayed with Six Apart’s MT due to the easier to use interface. This changes everything.
In fact, there were a bunch of look and feel changes which in the end I believe is a customers’ dream come true. It’s all about how easily accessible things are and how easy it is to understand. The Automattic team has come to that same realization and have gone forth and conquered.
While I might use the gallery feature, the one big thing that I love next is the fact that visual editor now doesn’t screw with the code. You wouldn’t believe how annoying it was to go from one to the other editor, then find that visual editor went in and changed what you had just painstakingly edited in html. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I have visual editor turned off in my profiles.
Much of the development features are all backside things. Database opto, shortcode API, salted passwords, secure cookies, and easy taxonomy. A lot of it you probably won’t use unless you happen to write plugins, but it’s there which is a nice feature. The actual code was compressed as 1 lousy megabyte which made things absolutely great.
As usual, WP is the super easy install/upgrade. Dump and Pump. Basically, you just upload the thing and upgrade the database, and it’s done barring some things like making sure that your themes weren’t overridden if you used a default theme and such.
Would I change anything? Sure. It’d be nice if you could backup your install and directly upgrade from WordPress servers instead of having to mess with downloading, uploading, and all this other stuff. Makes it a lot simpler if you could click a button and perform upgrades (and seeing how their upgrade architecture is designed, I don’t see how this would be impossible to perform).
I don’t believe I’ll switch to WP here only because it’s been customized to the point where I know where everything is at, but Automattic sure has me seeing future ease of blog deployment without the ugly interface. And all I can say is “Bravo!” to that.