2008 Olympics website caught plagiarizing Flash game

This is really bad news for Beijing. I mean, with the 2008 Olympics coming up, they have been tightening the hatches and building and maintaining multiple billion dollar projects just to show the world that they’re on the up and coming. With the amount of money they’ve spent on the buildings and such, it’s an amazing thing that they had basically plagiarized a Flash game from The Pencil Farm.
Apparently, some impatient web developer for the Olympics had downloaded the swf file, decompiled it and inserted the Olympic characters and such in place of the others, and replaced the words. What’s even more interesting is that the original author, did the same with the one from the Olympics, and found some files of his still intact within the swf.
Obviously, the Internet community has turned up the heat on this issue. Should be interesting as to how Beijing responds to this since they don’t want any trouble to befall the Olympics and this could become pretty ugly with how fast the Internet mobilizes.
Definitely something to pay attention to since The Pencil Farm should in fact get compensation for use of their game in the Beijing Olympics. And I’d imagine in an event as large as this, it should be pretty great compensation since it’s no different than if a company plagiarized an indie designers product and then displayed it as an television advertisement during the Super Bowl.