Yahoo! Web hosting gone unlimited

ma_smbiz_1.gif Yahoo! looks like they’re setting up to try to steal market share from other hosting providers. They’ve gone and made their hosting plan, $11.95 per month for unlimited space, email, and bandwidth. Obviously, the catch is that the “unlimited” language is actually not truly unlimited but more on the level that it grows to fit small businesses.
Since Yahoo! figures that small businesses shouldn’t get extreme traffic patterns, I’m willing to bet that a site like Digg would probably be a bit out of this range. In fact, any social network type hosting would be out. But this is still a pretty good steal of a deal if you realize that you get what you pay for. And it is shared hosting, so don’t be surprised if your website response time isn’t exactly sub zero-ping.
Will this make me jump ship? Probably not. But it might be useful for future reference considering it’s MYSQL with unlimited databases, and FreeBSD/Apache servers along with 200 user accounts for FTP. And you get phone support. Hmm. Unfortunately, they don’t provide a migration path to VPS or dedicated servers so growth is limited when staying with the same host.