Sigma DP1

I think I finally have found the DSLR camera that I want. While I’ll probably have to hold off on such an extravagant purchase, this would be one of the few cameras that I would stray from the powerhouse brand of Nikon. Not that Sigma is a bad brand by any means. Oh no. Sigma is in actuality very well known in the photography world but has always been a little bit outside the reach of amateur photographers.
The Sigma DP1 has a FOVEON X3 sensor that is also found in the SD14.
Unfortunately, with every great thing comes some caveats. This compact DSLR comes with a fixed 16.6-mm F4 lens. Hmm. Maybe I’ll hold out a little longer for Sigma to come out with something that allows you to change out the lens on the same body structure. In case you’re looking to get one of these 8.5 oz. beauties, be prepared to shell out about eight hundred dollars.