Secret (不能說的秘密)

Secret (不能說的秘密) is a movie directed and starred by international pop star, Jay Chou. It’s a sweet romance where it’s about a gifted high school student that transfers to a new school that is well known for its pianists. This student falls in love with another when he hears the a sweet melody that she plays, but she can’t tell him anything about it, and only that it’s a secret that cannot be told.
This movie itself has a lot of personal experiences and elements from Jay’s life. For instance, there is references to Chopin, whom is Jay’s favorite composer. There are other interesting things that happened particularly with the high school scenarios.
What really got me to this movie was actually the music video that was supposed to promote the movie. Below, you’ll see the actual mv for it and you can see why he’s one of the hottest singers in Asia due to his amazing ability to write beautiful songs: