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AltTab Mouse Shortcut

alttab-mouse.jpg If you’re like me, and a keyboard cowboy, then this wouldn’t be for you. But for those of you that reveled in the fact that Windows came after the command line hell of DOS, then this is for you. Most times, you can switch between applications by using the Alt -Tab shortcuts.
So what this little standalone program allows you to do is to have your mouse send the Alt-Tab keys and actually change applications without having to hit those two keys. Maybe some people like it, not really for me. But don’t let me stop you from using it if you like mice. Like I said: keyboard cowboy.

How patent lawsuits create need for patent oversight

Growing up, I got to hear about patents a lot. Heck, dad has had his name on a fair share of them and I’ve seen the plaques to prove it.
At the time, patents were used in such a way to protect your intellectual property from other corporations from stealing your ideas and creating knock-offs. There are pretty specific laws on what you can do, once a patent is handed out and how things such as reverse engineering is limited to a certain percentage that can be very similar and so on, so forth.
These days though? You just see what I deem as frivolous lawsuits that are spent basically on the basis of trying to reach into the pockets of larger corporations. In fact, there are corporations out there, that their whole business is based on filing patents and then suing. Sounds pretty unethical to me, and you would imagine that the Patent Office wouldn’t hand out such patents.
There are certain things that can or cannot be done in a certain fashion, but trying to sue a larger corporation or FUD a smaller one is just… well, pansy. Maybe it’s just me.
But it sounds like there needs to be patent oversight. It wasn’t long ago that I remember reading about someone that had set up a patent for the warp drive. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but if it was? That’s just ridiculous.
This is truly a time where if the government was supported to do anything with the Patent Office, it would tighten the reins. No more just handling out patents because people pay the money for the application. A lot of these things need to be contested. And if people start lawsuits that are proven to be just stretching the boundaries of the law just to make money from the lawsuit instead of actual protecting intellectual or actual tangible property, then there should be black marks set against those individuals or corporations. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but the world doesn’t need more stupid things going on that hurts technological innovation. It needs less.
And in my opinion, without more oversight on how patents are handed out and how they are used, it devalues the point of a patent altogether. At least in my eyes.
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mypixelvault.jpg The problem organizing pictures is that searching out similar images and categorizing is a real pain. With MyPixelVault, you can set up keywords and schemes to define themes. Pretty fun stuff if you have a a lot of images that you have to sort through and keep track of.
Not exactly something I need to do usually, but for some, it’s probably useful. Freeware for Windows.

Network Location Tool

Sometimes, it pays to find out where an IP address is located. While this only gives you an approximation in physical location, it’s worthwhile to know that certain IPs are located in a certain latitude/longitude and more importantly, the city, state, and country.
Network Location Tool does just that. Give it an IP address and watch the mash-up with Google Maps at work. It’s definitely pretty amusing to actually see how close your virtual IP address is compared to your physical location. You’d be surprised that while it’s not exact, it should be pretty darn close.

iTunes Saturday

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

WordPress plugin: PhotoDropper

photodropper.png When you need a Creative Commons licensed picture, usually scouring Flickr is a good way to go. But it’s still a pain in the rear and you still have to go through the trouble of setting up the sizes and such.
With a plugin like PhotoDropper, all of this is more intuitive and without having to use multiple windows and cut and pastes. It interacts directly with your WordPress installation and allows you to keyword search for those much needed photos to help embellish your posts.

Movie Review: RedLine

Redline was one of those action films that was… ehhh. It wasn’t bad, but I was heart-broken at all the nice cars that seemed to take a fall in the movie. Overall, I felt the plot was pretty sorry and not quite on the level of Fast and Furious although you could tell that it was what they were going for.
The entire movie mainly kept you on your feet due to the racing. The opening scene was actually pretty sweet, only because I had never thought of a sports car racing through with infrared and no lights. Seriously dangerous, but on the other hand, it’s a very interesting type of thought at night.
A lot of the whole “underground racing” type scenarios that they posed were pretty unrealistic since most underground racing doesn’t happen with million dollar vehicles and the high stakes in the movie. Nor does it have quite the luxurious lifestyles tied to it. Very sensationalized. That’s where the Fast and Furious franchise has caught a bit of the more realism.
All in all, it’s a decent B-action film in my honest opinion, but didn’t quite make par when it came to great racing movies.

Spam Proof Email Generator

spamproofemailgenerator.jpg When I first read about this, I figured it was some image maker. My second thought was… boy, they’re in for a treat since DLS forgot to mention the more advanced scraping now that implements some OCR technologies.
Needless to say, this method does make it simple to create images of your email to put on a website and it does deter most text scraping from pulling emails. Unfortunately though, in the same fashion that spammers are overcoming captchas, scrapers are now turning to OCR to actually deal with images. And in that sense, Spam Proof Email Generator, doesn’t quite live up to the “proof” part of the name. Regardless, a little protection is way better than none when you’re riding through spam’s neighborhood.

Stanford helps out students with more financial aid

Stanford has stepped up and is now using more of their endowment to help students with their tuition. Good news for families that don’t make more than $100,000 income since there tuition will be free and if the total income is less than $60,000 then room and board is also included.
I think this is a wonderful change for Stanford as a private university that charges over $30,000 a year in tuition and where about seventy-five percent of the student population is on some sort of financial aid or another.
This act is actually a response due to the fact that school endowments are tax exempt and a senator raised the issue that if the public wasn’t seeing enough of a return from the endowments and that raised the question of whether or not they should be tax exempt.
All in all, this is terrific news since it means that more qualified high school students won’t be turned away due to financials to schools that they are suited for. And that’s the way education should be.


pyxis.jpg If you own a small business, and you’ve been looking for some Windows software for asset management, then Pyxis could be the thing you were looking for.
It’s a pretty simple interface, and learning curve is pretty… well… let’s just say it’s not too steep. All the data is stored in the XML format, so don’t think that your assets are encrypted or something. You can however, store pictures, comments, and all sorts of other identifiable information. There’s even custom fields in case the ones they have in there just don’t fit too well. Freeware for Windows.