Movie Review: RedLine

Redline was one of those action films that was… ehhh. It wasn’t bad, but I was heart-broken at all the nice cars that seemed to take a fall in the movie. Overall, I felt the plot was pretty sorry and not quite on the level of Fast and Furious although you could tell that it was what they were going for.
The entire movie mainly kept you on your feet due to the racing. The opening scene was actually pretty sweet, only because I had never thought of a sports car racing through with infrared and no lights. Seriously dangerous, but on the other hand, it’s a very interesting type of thought at night.
A lot of the whole “underground racing” type scenarios that they posed were pretty unrealistic since most underground racing doesn’t happen with million dollar vehicles and the high stakes in the movie. Nor does it have quite the luxurious lifestyles tied to it. Very sensationalized. That’s where the Fast and Furious franchise has caught a bit of the more realism.
All in all, it’s a decent B-action film in my honest opinion, but didn’t quite make par when it came to great racing movies.