Movie Review: Family Guy – Blue Harvest

When it comes to comedy that touches base with my generation, Family Guy does it on a superb way. In fact, many of the jokes themselves would not be understood by anyone but those that have experienced most of what has gone on while growing up in a GenX GenY period.
That’s why Family Guy – Blue Harvest Special Edition holds a great place in our hearts. It’s a comedy spoof off of the most loved science fiction series of all time. What’s interesting is that they even use the name “Blue Harvest”, which is the code name for Episode IV during production.
It’s in all technicality not a movie. It’s more of a special edition episode, and the first hour episode in the history of Family Guy (including the commercials). Running time is actually about forty-seven minutes. This episode is the first of season six.
The storyline…. well.. everyone that’s seen Star Wars will recognize all of the major scenes. In fact, it’s done in great detail with the usual amazing timing of lines where it just goes from one thing to another and you can’t stop laughing. The uncut version has some deleted scenes where they make some more political jokes, or what not and it has the usual crass language and humor found in your usually late night “M” rated Family Guy.
Definitely not for children, but for those that recognize much of the humor behind it, Seth MacFarlane pokes fun at much of the things while we grew up. And with that, you just can’t help but laugh.