JotSpot reborn as Google Sites

JotSpot after being acquired by the giant internet juggernaut, Google, has been reborn as Google Sites. Sites is a part of the Google Apps suite which of course is free for the Standard version unless you want support where then you will have to shell out a hefty fifty Washingtons annually.
Having played with both JotSpot and Google Sites, I can say that perhaps the framework is there but nothing else is really. TC even reports the same where JotSpot’s structured templates have been ripped out and now it’s mainly just embedded files from the other Google office suite.
I did however find this quote interesting:

In an interview today, Google’s Management Director of Enterprise Matthew Glotzbach called the combined products under Google Apps a “Microsoft Sharepoint killer” because it’s allowing businesses to collaborate without all that expensive Microsoft software.

Sharepoint killer? Come on. If you call the integration of a simple wiki, the beginning of Sharepoint killing, you’re sorely mistaken. I admit that Sharepoint has its flaws but it’s a lot more complex than what Google Sites ties together so far.
Be it as it may, Google Apps is starting to shift from its fledgling status into a more mature product line. As long as the applications that are provided in the suite stay true on their course to more mature products, there is a good chance that Sharepoint will have a run for its money.
As is though, Google Sites barely compares to some of the more feature rich wikis out there. The only great thing about it is the fact that you can do a bit more collaboration and embed Google Docs and such inside it. Otherwise? I for one am not seeing the beauty of it compared to the old JotSpot. Maybe more use will change my mind.