How to know if you can use Creative Commons content

cclicenseflowchart.jpg Usually, it’s tough to know if you can use Creative Commons content on your website or blog. What dictates the ability to use NC-CC licensed content? Well, while there isn’t directives on this… there are some guidelines.
There is also a nice little flowchart that shows you how to tell. From my perspective, not being a legal anything…. I can say that rule of thumb seems to be that if you have ads, then you better not be using the licensed content as the ad. Also, you cannot be a commercial entity of any sort. That sort of defeats the purpose of the NC part of the licensing directly.
So for wholly owned blogs by commercial entities? NC-CC licensed stuff seems to be off-limits. Personal blogs though? Go nuts. Of course, maybe the legal department would disagree, but so far from what I’ve read, it seems to be the general consensus.