FB Instant Messenger

socialim_chat.jpg A pretty new innovation, it’s a new twist on how IM works. In actuality, FB Instant Messenger is really special since it assigns a special random username and password that it ties directly to your Facebook account through their application API. So what does this do?
Basically, it allows them to gather any information from Facebook and interact directly with their database of users and link together users that are on contact lists. This means that you basically can have all of your friends on Facebook on IM. The actual technology is pretty simplistic since it’s just a database tied to the FB API and interacting with a Jabber server. At least I assume this based on just knowing how it’s interacting with each part. But the idea can be pushed to multiple social networks which makes it supremely powerful. Just think….
What if you could access your MySpace or Linked IN data like this too? Instantly, you can get access to hundreds or thousands of people. That’s a pretty special thing in today’s fast moving world.