Chasing the digital music generation

Apple iTunes Funny how the ages seem to change. Once there was records. Yes, those 45 rpms.
Then 8-tracks.
Then tapes.
Then CDs.
We won’t even go into the slight tangents of mediums such as MDs (that I own a few of by the way along with two portable players and a sound system attachment). With each generation of music, there were different types of mediums that dictated how the younger generations would grow and evolve. In this current decade, digital downloads are slowly but surely giving CDs a run for its money. Don’t believe me? No problem. Let’s take a look at the facts.

  1. Apple iTunes is the number two seller of music behind Walmart based on volume sold in 2007.

  2. 48% of teenagers didn’t buy a CD in 2007, up from 38% in 2006.

Is there truth in this fact? Sure thing.
The reason for the actual move towards the digital medium is the same reason why my generation could program a VCR better than the generation before. The technology adoption factor. In this age where young people have more of a knack to have their fingers fly across a cellular keypad than us “old folks”, is also the showing of the end of a old era and the beginning of a new.
iPods, and other portable media players flooded the markets as GenX and GenY have grown up and started their own families and … well, the truth of the matter: got jobs. With that, the youth that are growing up as children of these generations are also inundated with the technology adoption. Younger kids with mobiles and music players is a signal for another changing of the guard.
Myself? Have always been a technology adopter and will continue to always be one. The only music I bought this year was off of iTunes unless they didn’t carry the imports. Lately, they have actually been introducing a lot of Asian music which is another sign that things are changing for the better. Why bother with physical media anymore? In this age, it’s about the size of your storage, not the size of your collectibles.