Back on the grind with Debian

109px-Tux-G2.png Ever since GLUG (Greensboro Linux User Group) started back up for 2008, I’ve been starting to toy with Debian again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been running predominantly an Ubuntu workstation for some time now. But I haven’t really messed with kernels and such for a while.
In between my day job, and my current two business projects of Merchant’s Mirror and Five18, along with prepping for a network build out and grant proposals for my nonprofit (Phoenix Networks) my time has been severely limited.
But I broke out the tiny lil’ Sony Vaio I got as a present years ago and re-installed linux on it. First I tried fluxbuntu, but it just had too many issues that I didn’t care to deal with. So I went back to the old favorite of Debian. Things definitely have changed since I last seriously tweaked kernels and such. There have been a lot of new projects that have come and gone… heck, Gnomemeeting is apparently now called Ekiga. Who knew!
Apparently the computer is so old that the CMOS battery died. Don’t feel like fixing it, but maybe one day. I got most things running including my favorite fluxbox and all sorts of commandline goodies. hostap is still throwing back some issues, but I’ll have it hammered out when I get some time to look at it. It’s good to tinker in the wild world of linux.
All in all, it’s a great feeling. Have this little Celeron 333 purring again. And it’s pretty amusing when you’re booting up with a mere 128M ram. Maybe I’ll actually use this as a notebook for working on some database code eventually. In any case, it’s good hit the grease again.