Stop right there! You don’t “own” your information!

In writing this post on Scoble’s big news of the day… I realized something.
Everyone was talking about how the information is owned by themselves, or owned by Facebook, or insert any other social medium corporation.
As someone that has delved into information collection in the past, and worked with some in the field, I can tell you something. Your information isn’t owned by you, nor is it controlled by you if you sign it away. You ever try to control public information? Or have you even looked at the type of files on you that has been collected ever since… you owned a credit card? Databanks such as LexisNexis and other places that make their living on information store all sorts of things on your average person. In fact, most people would be shocked as to what things are out there that comes from just plain public information.
Your address and birthday? No, you don’t own it. And it’s out there. That time that you filled out for a “free” trip? Yeah, you signed that information away already.
So really folks. Quit talking about how it’s yours, and you own it and how Facebook is in the wrong. If so, you’re going against a lost cause since the entire information industry is based on these types of dealios. Don’t believe me? Go look yourself up on Zabbasearch.