Scoble making a case of data portability by unethical means

While some say that the end justifies the means, I’m not so sure.
The base story for this is that Scoble went and tested a script to export data from Facebook that Facebook didn’t allow. The script basically did a screen-scrape of which is not only unethical, but it’s not really not legal based on the violation of the Terms of Service. On top of it, if the Facebook API doesn’t allow the exporting of the data, then there’s a good reason for it. Be it legal, or security or anything else. Overstepping those bounds? Shame shame.
My buddy has a great writeup on how this works out and points out that Scoble seems to get a pass at making a fuss about things even though this is extremely bad.
Unfortunately, the data portability issue? It’s a great cause. The tactics employed in promoting this issue? Terrible move. I want to say that Scoble should know better than to override other people’s stuff for your own means. It’s like when a corporate entity takes GPL and just disregards it entirely and integrates code into proprietary code. In the same measure, this disregard for TOS is along the same lines, in my opinion.