Power to the people? Not quite

You figure that the primaries are decided by the democratic process. In fact, you would think that if people vote in one direction, that would be the voice of the people. Yet, it’s not true. There is actually a safety net put up by the political parties called “superdelegates“.
These positions were actually set up by the Democrat Party back in the 1970s for those that are not bound by caucuses and primaries, but can make a decision by allowing those that have been active in the party to have a say. Another way to look at it, is that it’s a way to keep the voting power more in the power of the party, than those that are voting..
On the flip side, the Republican National Committee does not have similar types of superdelegates so there isn’t as much power held by those in the party, but there is still some power held.
Why is this wrong in my opinion?
Well, that means that if the people vote against the party and push for a person because they’re not happy with those now in power would actually mean… not much. It means that there is enough power that you can maneuver a vote to those in the old guard, than actually for what the people want.
Either way? It sounds kind of fishy to me. Doesn’t sound very democratic. Oh well.