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latencytop.jpg If you’re a software developer, then you would know that latency is one of the most annoying problems to deal with due to the fact that there are many variables in play. Fortunately, if you develop in linux, you’re in luck. Intel has released a tool called LatencyTOP, that basically allows you to visually track down what exactly is creating the latency.
This can be done on a system or process level, so you can see for yourself as to which processes are lagging behind so that you can track down the source of the issue and optimize out the lag. And less lag means faster programs.

iTunes Saturday

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Metered Internet a play after the failed move for tiered Internet?

A crazy thought occurred while I was thinking about how Time Warner was basically setting up metering for the Internet, and making a statement of how only 5% of users account for the top 50% of traffic. First, I’d be curious as to where these numbers are coming from.
But there is another thing that came to mind. A while back, there was a huge play by Tier 1 ISPs to try to tier the Internet. This created a huge divide, where many major corporations stood against the Tier 1 ISPs and against tiered traffic. Slowly but surely, that fight died to nothing as telecom executives grumbled and went back beaten.
But would this metered Internet, be the beginnings of the next play against the consumers? It obviously will not be anything good for consumers, but even corporations such as Google, will take an indirect hit being that the majority of their applications require some sort of Internet access. And based on this fact, this would definitely place a dent in the adoption of such Internet applications.
It definitely is a different battle, but seems to be in the same war. The question is, will the masses again gather to form a blockade against those that try to hurt technology growth for the sake of more green in the coffers? Time will tell.

Permanent Eraser

permanent_eraser.jpg If you’re looking for something that’s even more secure than the Secure Empty Trash feature for MacOSX, Permanent Eraser is your answer.
It’s open source, and freeware, and it implements the Gutmann Method that rewrites over the data thirty five times, rather than the usual DoD seven times method. Now don’t get me wrong here… this is pretty secure to a point. But you can still recreate data via forensic means unless it’s been totally demolished. While the Gutmann Method does a pretty darn good job of that, that doesn’t mean it’s flawless like everything else. But it definitely would be very secure for very sensitive data such as your credit card numbers and passwords. Why you’d be storing that in a file? I don’t know.

Movie Review: Death Note

The rage behind the manga and anime has hit the big screen. Yes, this is a bit older, but it’s interesting since most of the United States has just gotten a hold of this via Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.
Death Note [affiliate] is about a high school student, Light Yagami, whom has come into possession of a “Death Note”, a book that death gods possess to take lives. The shingami, Ryuk, watches the story unfold in amusement as Light tries to create the “perfect world”. Having a god complex, Light becomes the target of an investigation where a little known eccentric genius only known as “L” plays a battle of wits with Light.
Strangely enough, this follows the anime and manga pretty closely, but the choice of actors was pretty strange since “L” was actually very close but in both manga and anime, Light is this perfect looking high school student that is actually pretty great looking. Unfortunately, Tatsuya Fujiwara just doesn’t quite cut the whole look in my opinion.
The movie itself was actually pretty decent, and sets up for the sequel of which is actually still a part of the manga and anime storyline. Personally,I found the movie to be fairly enjoyable and the story followed the original storyline fairly well enough that you didn’t think….. “WHAT is this?!!” So that was good too. It did seem a bit slower at the beginning, although it was really just trying to preface how the Death Note worked.

How Time Warner’s buffet experiment will hurt consumers

It looks like Time Warner is experimenting with an “a la carte” type of payment scheme for cable internet. And they claim that the top 5% of the users use up 50% of the bandwidth.
Sorry. I just don’t buy it. Why? This is a plain and simple play for more money. Think about it. Currently there are rental movies that are going online. iTunes anyone? There are also many types of free software such as linux ISOs, and other types of things that are large files. In fact, with every day hard drives, closing in on the 1 terabyte mark, it’s no wonder that people just download more.
A buddy of mine said that his kids always complain when he sucks up the bandwidth when they’re gaming since a lot of games these days require fast ping rates and actually produce a lot of traffic back and forth. Ever look at the traffic patterns for incessant web surfers? They can pull some major traffic down, especially if they use YouTube.
I think I’ve pointed out enough examples where this case is a strong move to force consumers to pay more for less and stifling many different technologies in the process. I think that overall, it will also detriment Time Warner’s business by increasing turnover. You can guarantee that people will be looking for other providers that are not going to nickel and dime them for a service.
If you’re a Time Warner customer, especially one in Beaumont, Texas, I would be seriously raising heck. Just think about it. What’s the point of having metered Internet, if you know that you’re going to be paying more not only by current standards, but your pocketbook will be emptied for being a web technology first adopter?
Consumers need to stand together on this before it gets any further. Don’t let them meter the Internet.

WordPress plugin: OneClick

oneclick1.jpg The WordPress plugin, OneClick does something pretty dang interesting. What it does is, it takes away the need to really need to ftp into your host.
Now, I’m not certain this plugin is the greatest to use depending on if there are security holes that potentially could make this a unnecessary nightmare due to the permissions you supposedly have to grant it. Although truthfully, you’re not granting much when you realize that the folders that it asks for are already 755.
In ANY case… what it does, is that it allows you to install plugins and patches directly from URLs or local files. This gets rid of one extra step and makes it a lot more simple in doing updates and other types of plugins. True to its name, it’s only one click.

Domain Name Analyzer

macdna460.jpg Domain Name Analyzer is freeware for Windows and MacOSX that allows you to not only find out if a domain name is taken, but it can find out when it expires and whether or not a domain is available.
What’s more is that you can also set up names and have it generate names that might be good choices for domains. It’s just an all around domain checker type application that you can save and even register from your favorite registrar.
To me, it’s useful because it’s tough enough to type in different types of names into one of those registrars and have to wait for a website to pull up the data. Instead, this application goes directly to the whois databases and queries those. Ahh. What a life changer.

News & Record’s forward thinking

nrlogo.jpg This happened a while back, but I’ve been watching it closely and I’m really proud of N&R. Years ago (back in 2005), they asked me what young people were looking for since they were looking to change their paper.
And I told them. News on the fly. It comes out? We want to know. That’s what new generations are about. Give it to me as fast as it comes or else I can get it elsewhere more quickly.
After a couple focus groups and what not, N&R revamped how they look at their online image. And it shows. Using Twitterfeed, they’re sending a RSS feed of the local headings and the links to Twitter. Only six Twitter followers currently, but I can tell you that when it comes to getting local news fast, this is right there with reading local blogs. Bravo, N&R. Bravo.
Now to see what you do next to change the way news is distributed.

Music Review: Lifehouse – Who We Are

Recently got my hands on Lifehouse’s Who We Are album. I have to say that while it’s older, it definitely is one of my current favorite albums.
Lifehouse’s rock style and amazing lyrics is hard to be compared to by other bands being that they write quality songs where the entire album fits well together. Who We Are goes over the usual tragedy of love lost, and the reasons why people search for love. A self-look at how things are and how things can be.
This album in itself holds to every other album that I have of theirs. Absolutely outstanding. I’ll let you know when I get sick of it, but so far it’s just not happening. If you’re looking for it on Lifehouse - Who We Are, they also sell this album.