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Movie Review: Resident Evil – Extinction

In the third Resident Evil movie, Milla Jovovich is Alice, the bio-organic weapon created by Umbrella. In Resident Evil – Extinction (Widescreen Special Edition), the world has pretty much ended due to the T-virus taking over more than just Raccoon City, but the whole world.
Within five years, everything has been infected and little by little, the remaining humans are fighting to survive the infection. Claire Redfield (Carter) leads a convoy that keeps getting diminished by zombies taking out those there. They meet up with Alice and together try to take on Umbrella after Umbrella tries to regain Project Alice.
From a perspective of game to movie makes? This is probably one of the better series to date. Definitely a great action flick along with decent special effects. And really, who wouldn’t want to be one of those zombie extras? So cool. This definitely will be going on the shelf.

Fresh Download

fd.gif If you’re in need of downloading files and want a download manager that you can pause and resume downloads as well as allowing multiple connections for the same file… then Fresh Download is your application of choice.
This download manager can be scheduled for low-times downloads, allow for proxy servers, allow for password protected sites, and has a built in zip extractor. In fact, there really isn’t too much it doesn’t have including browser integration. Makes life a lot easier when freeware for Windows like this exist, eh?

Hungering for a Samus statue

Sometimes, one just has to collect that is most awesome. And believe me when I say that a statue of Samus, the star of the game series Metroid, is not far down on my list of favorite characters. This particular piece is a limited edition that stands 17 cm without the base and is hand cast and hand painted.
There are only 2500 world wide so get yours before they’re gone. Runs for about eighty dollars USD. And it is officially licensed by Nintendo.

Random MixTape Maker

mixtape.jpg The Random MixTape Maker allows you to make mixes from multiple mp3 sources. This basically creates fresh new playlists that you can customize; anything from time length to what directories the songs are in.
You can set up lists so that there is always a blacklist where you don’t ever add those songs, or randomize the list completely for a fresh sound. You can also preview the songs from the list to make sure you know exactly what you’re creating and you’re not putting rap next to Metallica (unless that’s exactly what you were trying to accomplish).
Donationware for Windows.

Music Review: John Mayer – Continuum

A friend of mine told me to take a listen to the latest John Mayer album, Continuum. I have to say that the whole soft rock bit?
I have to be in a certain mood to really appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong, but the songs on there remind me of a certain time in my life when everything was depressing, and the music was about hurt and being broken and.. your usual broken heart type feel. While at a time, I really liked the album Room for Squares, it seems like Continuum is still following the same track and style.
While it’s not my cup of tea currently, it’s not bad music. Just doesn’t really change too much from what I know of John Mayer. And from an artist, you sort of hope that there’s more to it than the hint of sadness that he sings about…
John Mayer - Continuum

Mobysaurus Thesaurus

mobysaurus.jpg if you write a lot of essays and your vocabulary skills (like myself) just isn’t up to par, then a desktop application such as Mobysaurus Thesaurus would definitely help you out.
These types of tools are not only great for writing, but it expands your vocabulary, and allows you to craft better writing. Seeing how this is free and donationware for Windows, there’s not really any reason that you shouldn’t get it. I would probably also recommend this those that are in school since there is a lot more opportunity to increase your writing skills.

Apple releases new pink nano for Valentine’s Day

Apple Online Store
Look at that. Being one of the most requested colors, Apple has decided to release the pink nano for Valentine’s Day. Yes, the pink nano! This isn’t the hot pink one either….
At $199.00USD a pop, it’s no different than the rest of the pastel colored ones, with 8GB space, and a 2 inch screen that does 320×240 px. For up to 2,000 songs or 8 hours of video storage, it’s really just a handy dandy little portable multimedia device.
And it’s pink! You really can’t go wrong there with any gal.


wubi.jpg Apparently a lot of non-technical people have never heard of linux, and if they have… they think that you have to have Windows to install it.
Well, while linux is a completely separate operating system that runs on its own, you now can install it directly via Windows, without the CD media. With Wubi, you can install Ubuntu in a folder, and if you don’t like what you see, then you can uninstall it and no harm, no foul.
No need to change your bootloader, no need to set up partitions. For those that want to be technical about it, it does actually set up a virtual disk, and it does add an entry in the Windows bootloader. You technically can set up other flavors also, but it’s defaulted to Ubuntu.
Open source… for Windows.

Why are power grids on the Internet anyways?

With the most recent talks by the CIA about how the power grids are being attacked by hackers, I really wonder if this is just a cover-up for incompetency or if it really exists. The reasoning pretty simple.
A while back, the government went through a demonstration video that was showing how a cyberattack could potentially take down a power generator (dramatized obviously). But a really obvious light bulb popped up then, and here it stands now again.
Why are power grid computers on the Internet?
I mean, here’s the deal. Being that it should be a secure facility, you shouldn’t be able to access the power grids any more than you can access parts of the Defense and military networks since they’re on closed networks. There isn’t outside access, and most of that stuff top secret, and I’m sure clearance based. Which means you would have to physically breach for access.
So the obvious solution here? Pull Net access. I mean, it sounds that simple, but why not? Secure them on a private network like everything else that’s important is on. Billing and actual utilities control can be on completely separate networks with a internal firewall, or multiple security entries such as time coded passwords. Seriously. Why do we even put them online? I can’t see an obvious reason at all so I want someone to enlighten me.
Photo Credit: (OZinOH)

Point Motivator

pmo_activities.jpg Having problems with getting things done? Need to exercise or eat right? Maybe chores for the kids just are not getting done?
Point Motivator could be for you then. Interesting program since it allows you to set rules and point values for each of the goals. If you reach a certain goal at a certain given time, then you get those points. From the gained points, you can set rewards that you can buy … and motivating yourself or others further.
Interesting, although it does takes a little bit of self-discipline to actually commit to this application just as you would if you did it yourself. But take all the help you can get, right?
Donationware for Windows.