News & Record’s forward thinking

nrlogo.jpg This happened a while back, but I’ve been watching it closely and I’m really proud of N&R. Years ago (back in 2005), they asked me what young people were looking for since they were looking to change their paper.
And I told them. News on the fly. It comes out? We want to know. That’s what new generations are about. Give it to me as fast as it comes or else I can get it elsewhere more quickly.
After a couple focus groups and what not, N&R revamped how they look at their online image. And it shows. Using Twitterfeed, they’re sending a RSS feed of the local headings and the links to Twitter. Only six Twitter followers currently, but I can tell you that when it comes to getting local news fast, this is right there with reading local blogs. Bravo, N&R. Bravo.
Now to see what you do next to change the way news is distributed.